My Story

I was born and raised in Chicago and have always had a love for sports. I spent much of my youth following all sports and enjoying pick-up games with my friends. Once I started working, I noticed a change in my activity level. With a family history of weight problems and related chronic disease, I was determined to be proactive about my own wellness.

About 15 years ago, I turned to running to help keep myself fit. I love the feeling of peace that comes with a long run; all the problems of the world fade into the background for a little while. I progressed from running 5Ks to several half marathons, but I was eager to bring that calm to the rest of my life. So I started to look for more.

While running is my first love, I quickly found a huge world of fitness and exercise to explore. Through classes at my gym, I was inspired by a trainer to start weightlifting and learn more about functional exercises. I completed my own training and became certified by the American Council on Exercise, and also trained in CPR and first aid.

I have come to appreciate that the camaraderie of the gym keeps me motivated about myself, especially when I have an opportunity to help others around me reach their own personal goals. I thrive on connecting with people to understand what moves them and encouraging them to feel better about themselves and their health and wellness. I love making fitness fun!!

Hug your body fitness is about loving your body inside and out.

Robert O. Hugger – owner, Hug Your Body Fitness term paperwriting college essays

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